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Reaver Runts
34,95 €

It is estimated that there are as many as 50 million Gnolls on Calydorn alone; making them a verminous pest even to other Troglodytes. Individually they are a threat only to an unarmed child, but in packs they become a vile menace; and a pack mentality is deeply ingrained in their psyche, affecting all of their actions. When battle looms, the average Gnolls are hurriedly armed with sharpened sticks and bestowed the title Reaver Runts. Even other Gnolls consider Reaver Runts expendable, and do not hesitate to commit them to suicidal missions to distract the enemy or soak-up arrow fire. In this sacrificial role they excel. Gnolls are extremely agile, and while they lack any great skill in combat, their natural hectic leaping makes them difficult to hit, hence their high defense stat of 14. Their lack of encumbering armor, their light frame and powerful legs allows them to quickly close with the enemy (with a potential movement of 15 inches per turn). When they charge, they may cause considerable damage to poorly armored enemies, and can occasionally overwhelm even elite enemies by sheer weight of numbers, given proper motivation from the bullying of the warlord. In large packs they gain a false sense of confidence which quickly evaporates as their numbers dwindle. It is common for a wave of Gnolls to slam into the enemy early in the battle then quickly recoil. Only the whips of the Packlashers keep them from fleeing the battlefield entirely. If nothing else, they can at least tie up an enemy for a while until the real muscle arrives! When it does arrive, the Troglodytes are able to charge right through the Reaver Runts, squishing them as they go!

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Wednesday, 18. February 2015 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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Bisotaur Shaman
Bisotaur Shaman
11,95 €
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