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Grondagh Filthling
9,00 €

Each Gnoll warren is ruled by a Grondagh Filthling, who is the strongest and most cunning of the tribe, and usually possess an ego larger than their actual size warrants. If the Filthling dies, his closest relative will seize power and becomes the new Filthling and so when a Filthling goes to battle, he will often take his closest relatives with him to prevent them stirring-up trouble back home. For this reason it is possible to field two Filthling warlords in a single warband! Because of the cowardly and disorganized nature of Gnolls, Filthlings are often compelled to take part in every minor battle in order to organize and motivate their troops. In such cases they will equip themselves with the most enchanted sword in their horde as well as a bow and any potions or artifacts they can lay their hands on. Filthlings then skulk around the battlefield, overseeing ambushes and surprise assaults. They are masters of subterfuge, benefitting from advanced deployment, concealment and the ability to move through difficult terrain. Here they can make use of their decent shooting skills. This sneaky warlord can charge without the necessity of moving in a straight line and can enable troops to make a movement action before they charge, enabling many unexpected combats! When all else fails, send this warlord on a suicide mission to kill some high-point characters, because you surely have a second Filthling still sneaking about the battlefield.

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Wednesday, 18. February 2015 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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Grondagh Filthling
Grondagh Filthling
9,00 €
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